The UKs largest broadband speed survey... is currently conducting the largest broadband speed survey in the United Kingdom – are you taking part?


You may have seen in recent press articles that many broadband customers are not getting anywhere near their "up to" broadband speed – often this is advertised as up to 8 Meg. In fact, after "upgrading" from a 1 or 2 Meg broadband speed to an 8 Meg speed, customers are finding that their speeds deteriorate – often to as low as sub-dial-up speeds.


Over the last few months, has been collating broadband speeds from its Members. We allow our Members to record their broadband speeds with us and we give them this information in a graph and table to keep as a record, should circumstances change.


Members are free to use these graphs and tables so long as credit is given to


On top of this, we verify the information that Members submit and publish this data as national, regional and local area statistics (with all personal information removed!). We are even breaking the data down to speeds at various times of the day, on various days of the week etc… We are continually adding to the types of statistics that we provide.


Statistics are published immediately on verification, and we try to verify the information submitted within 3 working days (this is due to the time that it takes to go through each submitted speed). So the information our members see is continually up to date! The information within your profile area will be verified and unverified information and will be marked as such.


As you are currently not logged in (or not registered with us), you will not able to view the speed statistics we have available.


  • If you are a member and would like to view the statistics, please log-in first.
  • If you are not a member and would like to join and start recording your speeds, adding to the UK's largest broadband speed survey, register here



To start recording your broadband speeds:


  • Log-in to or register with
  • Visit our Exchange Search page
  • Look up your telephone exchange and then continue with the form that appears below the exchange data (this form only appears if you are logged in).
  • The whole process will take no more than a minute, and then after it will take you no more than a few seconds to record your speeds as and when you want.



We really have made it as simple as possible – there are no huge 5-page forms to fill in – we don’t believe in that. We want just the relevant information. No more, no less.


As far as we are aware, no other organisation is holding as much data as we currently have on broadband speeds. Including the two recent media reports!


You may record your speeds no matter which broadband provider you use, even if you switch – just follow the steps above accordingly. You can have as many profiles as you like – each profile is set up via the Exchange Search page (see link above) and is unique to your ISP and broadband package.



Recently changed broadband supplier (ISP)?


No problem. Just perform another exchange search if you have already logged your Orange speeds and choose your new ISP accordingly. This will allow you to keep a record of your previous recordings and will also allow you to start adding speed data for your new internet service provider.


Please note that at the moment, choose "Other" as your ISP if you are not using Orange... We are about to update the system to include ALL internet service providers! We'll update your profile for you to reflect the ISP that you are using!



Not with Orange?


No problem! We are collating broadband speeds for all broadband suppliers! Just register with and follow the instructions above.


Please note that at the moment, choose "Other" as your ISP if you are not using Orange... We are about to update the system to include ALL internet service providers! We'll update your profile for you to reflect the ISP that you are using!



Comparing ALL internet service providers


Our aim, once we have enough data, is to compare all internet service providers! We'll show you the best and the worst broadband speeds by internet service provider, by region, by area, by time of day, by day of the week.... We'll show you it all!


We believe by comparing speeds by internet service provider within regions and areas, we will be able to help you choose which ISP is best for you, who is failing their customers and who are giving the best value for money! And who are telling porkies when you hear your ISPs technical support telling you "...But this is the maximum speed that your line can handle..."



Currently, we are showing national, regional and area broadband statistics for Orange broadband (up to 8 meg packages). Statistics for other packages will be available soon Statistics for other internet service providers will follow.



So.. you're still reading this? Help us help you... Record your broadband statistics today!





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