For when you have no broadband connection at all!

For those of you who are frustrated that you cannot access from home when your broadband connection is completely down, we have now come up with a solution for you!



Get on your mobile phone!


This will allow you to view all topics on the website and perhaps get an answer to solving your connection problem.


This feature is brand new and we are going to be monitoring it closely. We would really appreciate your feedback - let us know whether you have used this feature, whether it is useful and any problems with browsing our website.


A technology called WAP (wireless application protocol) is used to allow mobile phones to browse the website.



How to get content on your mobile phone


More and more people are accessing the internet on mobile phones and other wireless devices. If you are able to access the internet this way then you can get the mobile edition of


If you are able to access the internet on your mobile, type the address:

...into your phone's internet browser and then select the content of your choice.



How much does it cost to look at Internet content on my phone? does not charge for its mobile content. However, your operator's charges for using the internet on your phone will apply. Costs vary from operator to operator. Operators may charge for time spent browsing or amount of data downloaded.



How do I...?


We have a page of frequently asked questions on using the WAP service here.





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