For when you have no broadband connection at all!

For those of you who are frustrated that you cannot access from home when your broadband connection is completely down, we have now come up with a solution for you!



Get on your mobile phone!


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)



What content can I get on my mobile phone?

  • You can view all forums in the broadband section of
  • You can view all topics in the broadband section of
  • You can view all topics from the previous x days (broadband)
  • You can view the latest x topics (broadband)



What can I not do on my mobile phone (at present) ?

  • You cannot access the mobile phones section of the website (at present)
  • You cannot log-in
  • You cannot register
  • You cannot reply to topics
  • You cannot start a new topic



How do I get content on my mobile phone?

  • Open your mobile phone's browser
  • Enter the URL:



How do I bookmark on my phone?

  • Bookmarking saves your favourite sites so that you can find them again later.
  • Whilst using WAP you can do this by selecting the 'Bookmark', 'Add bookmark' or 'Favourites' option from your phone's menu.
  • In future, simply select the link from your 'Bookmarks'/'Favourites' menu to connect to WAP.
  • For further help with bookmarking, consult your mobile's user manual.



How much does it cost to look at Internet content on my phone?


  • does not charge for its mobile content.
  • However, your operator's charges for using the internet on your phone will apply.
  • Costs vary from operator to operator.
  • Operators may charge for time spent browsing or amount of data downloaded.
  • You should check with you rmobile phone operator how charges are made.



What versions are available?

  • At present, we are only supporting our WAP content.
  • The Standard (WAP) version can be used on all mobile devices, and is the fastest and cheapest option.
  • The Standard version has a wide selection of content.
  • We are looking at offering an enhanced version (XHTML) which will be designed for use on more capable mobile devices.



How do I view the latest posts?

  • Once you have opened the Home Page - scroll down to the link "Menu".
  • Click on this link and you will be offered a choice of displaying topics from the previous x days, or displaying the last x topics.
  • Select the option that suits your needs.
  • To return to the main home page, which displays all forums, click the link "Home"




How do I view a particular forum / topic?

  • Once you have opened the Home Page - scroll down through the linksand select the forum of interest.
  • The forums are listed in the same order as you see on the main website.
  • Once you are within the forum of choice, scroll down and click on the link for the topic that you are interetsed in.
  • Once viewing the topic, scoll down to read the whole topic.
  • Choose next (or previous) to view all posts within the topic.



How do I get back to the Home Page / Menu?

  • There is a link to the Home Page and Menu at the bottom of every page. Scroll down to view these links and click on the appropriate link.
  • On some pages, you will see a link to the Home Page at the top of the screen. Click this link to return to the Home Page.



Why can I not see all the replies at once?

  • Because of limitations in the WAP protocol, we show you one post at a time per topic. This allows the pages to display faster.
  • At the end of each post, there will be a links for Next, Previous, Last and First which you can use to scroll through the replies to a particular post.



How do I feedback my concerns / issues / ideas / thanks for this feature?







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