Who we are and why we're here!

OrangeProblems.co.uk was founded, originally as WanadooProblems.co.uk, in April 2006 by Kevin Ellis, a Wanadoo (and Freeserve) customer for many a year...


Surfing the internet with Wanadoo on my 2Meg connection was fantastic... High speeds compared to the old days of Freeserve and Wanadoo dial-up... But then...


Wanadoo decided to roll out their LLU project allowing them to offer broadband speeds of up to 8Meg. This is where it all went wrong...


After being 'upgraded to 8Meg broadband', I was enjoying these fantastic speeds for just a short while when I lost my broadband connection completely... Not for a couple of hours, not for a couple of days... Not even for a couple of weeks... But over 9 weeks!


During my 9 week loss of Wanadoo broadband, I spoke to almost every Customer Service agent, each of them telling me the same thing "call back in two days after we complete a line test"... You can read more on my original post here.


Suffice to say, that my experiences with Wanadoo Customer and Technical Support Departments was "the worst ever". There is no Customer or Technical Support! So I decided to set up WanadooProblems.co.uk to raise some awareness... And then it grew... And grew... And grew...


Wanadoo rebranded later on in 2006 to Orange, under the big mobile phone brand name (incidentally, Wanadoo, now Orange, is owned by France Telecom). And so it should follow that WanadooProblems.co.uk became OrangeProblems.co.uk


Offering a community of support to those with, specifically Orange, broadband technical issues, we now have well over 4,500 members (at the time of writing this) and a fantastic moderator, Elhana, without whom, many members' issues would possibly be unresolved.


We are starting to reorganise the website, and you will have seen a few changes recently, improvements we hope! We are also continually working on our broadband speed statistics section which allows users to record their speeds so that they may keep a record of the poor service they are experiencing. Wit the help of these members who record their speeds, OrangeProblems.co.uk is able to offer national, regional and local statistics for broadband speeds, which we will publish on the website.


We have hundreds of users contacting us weekly and we do strive to get back to all of them personally. However, if you have a question, it is probably worth your while registering as a member and posting your question or query on the forum (unless of course it is a personal matter!).


We look forward to serving you as an OrangeProblems.co.uk member.


We will update this page as we update the website with our new developments... And we have plenty up our sleeves!




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