The latest customer opinions of their ISPs...

A number of surveys of internet service providers' (ISPs) customers are conducted periodically. Usually, the comparison companies conduct these surveys finding out what the customer, that's you, really thinks of their broadband provider.


Media companies also get involved, for example the BBC. The BBC Watchodog consumer programme, after an increase in the number of complaints from disgruntled broadband customers, recently conducted an on-line survey to take a look at the broadband market. A staggering 50,000 people replied to their survey! You can view the programme here on along with the results.


Within this section of, we will publish the main statistics from reputable broadband surveys as and when they are published. This will allow you, the customer, to make an informed choice as to what is really on offer from the myriad of ISPs now offering broadband in the United Kingdom.


The submenu on the left, under Broadband Surveys, lists those that you can currently view on - keep popping back, as we will add the latest surveys as they are published.



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