Advanced Settings


Server Settings


The address of the Orange POP mail server is:



The address of the Orange SMTP mail server is:



Do not use secure password authentication to access mail



IP address


Your IP address is allocated dynamically via DHCP - you do not need to set this. Orange are unable to offer a static IP address.





Domain name service is dynamic - but if domain name server (DNS) addresses are required, you should use:


  • and


Or, if you experience problems with the above, use:


  • and



Dial up FTP and HTTP proxy settings





Port Number:

  • 8080



Router settings


If you choose to use an Ethernet modem / router, the correct connection settings are:


  • Encapsulation: PPP over ATM
  • Multiplexing method: VC-Based
  • Virtual circuit: VPI=0 VCI=38
  • Modulation: Multi mode
  • Authentication: CHAP





For the most up to date information, please consult Orange's broadband website



These settings have been lifted from Orange's Technical Help Pages - Article ID Kb193


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